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Specialized Golf Course Solutions
We have developed sites for many types of businesses and organizations though our area of expertise is in providing online solutions for golf courses. Golf clubs have special needs for which we've written customized web applications:

Online Calendar and Event Manager
In order to manage, report and survey customers for clubhouse and golf activities we created an "Online Calendar and Event Manager". This application is managed online by the client and provides valuable information for golf and clubhouse events.

Newsletters/Customer Emails
Golf courses needs to stay in touch with their customers; whether they be members or guests. To achieve this goal we created an online newsletter generator that allows the client to manage emails and send out HTML newsletters. It also allows them to create separate categories giving them the ability to send out newsletters to special groups.

Member Only Access
Many clubs, especially private golf clubs need a special area to display information only pertinent to members or special customers. For these clubs we add the functionality for members to log in using a username and password. Once they've logged in additional or customized information is displayed.

Tournament Results
For clubs that are interested in easy and fast management of golf tournaments we've created an online golf event manager. You have the option of:
  a) Hole-by-Hole Match Play with instant results (view sample)
  b) Match Play Brackets
  c) Hole-by-Hole Stroke Play
All three of these tournament solutions have a password protected administration area where you add players and post scores.

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